Cancellation and Refund Policy

Majorly, the fees including flight tickets, pre-paid car rentals, vacation packages, and service charges are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking. Trip protection insurance is refundable within 10 days of purchase if travel has not started and you have asked our customer service center for cancellation. Every cancellation should be done over phone call only. The refund requests will be accepted only on the following conditions:

  • You have requested for a cancellation and refund with us and whether the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds;
  • Your booking has not been marked as a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are unavailable for any waiver from suppliers for a refund process); and
  • We are able to get waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.
  • We are unable to provide a specific time duration taken for the processing of the requested refund. All refund requests are processed in a progressive format. You will receive an email notification for your cancellation request if you have raised the request to our customer service representative. This notification does not mean that you are eligible for a refund. This only acknowledges you with your request and provides you with a tracking number. We will work with the suppliers like airlines, hotels, car-rental companies after receiving your request and generate a waiver based on instructions of airline and other supplier and notify you accordingly. Our service fees related to the original travel reservation/booking are not refundable. This is to notify you that we are dependent on the suppliers for the requested refunds. If the supplier approves the refund, it will take some extra time to get reflected on your credit card statement. In general, all suppliers will charge fine on the refund. This whole process may last up to 60-90 days. As applicable, Travelslake will charge a post-ticketing services fee in addition to the refund penalties from the airlines and other suppliers. The refund fees are charged on per-passenger and per-ticket basis. These fees will only be levied if a refund has been approved by the supplier or a waiver has been received and when the airline/supplier rules allow such refunds. In any case, if a refund is not processed by the supplier, we will refund our post-ticketing service fees applicable to your request, but not our booking fees for the original travel reservation/booking.

Password for Cancellation: For the security purposes, Travelslake’s customer support will send you an email (on the same ID you have provided while booking) with a unique Cancellation Password, when you request us to cancel a booking on your behalf.

Kindly convey that Cancellation Password to our representatives when asked to complete your cancellation request. You may complete your cancellation by the link given in the email we will send in response to your request, depending on your reservation.

We may not be able to process your cancellation request if you cannot access your email and/or tell your Cancellation Password.

The Cancellation Password will expire within 3 hours once allotted. You can call us again to get a new Cancellation Password if your Cancellation Password expired before we were able to process your request.

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The prices were really cheap and every extra additional cost was mentioned in the same page. Totally impressed with the transparency.
I didn’t mind paying extra for extra comfort in the flight and got exactly the seat that I booked for myself.
The process was really smooth. Happy to see how dedicated and professional the staff was.
The people on the phone were extremely helpful and never showed a sign of frustration over my never-ending questions.