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Top Destination London


Facts about London

  1. The iconic clock tower isn't called Big Ben. One of London's most famous landmarks operates under a false identity -- its real name is simply The Clock Tower. Big Ben is the name of the bell within.
  2. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (officially known as the Palace of Westminster).
  3. There are around 20 subterranean rivers flowing beneath London's streets.
  4. The address 'Number 1, London' is a Grade I listed Georgian building that was once the home of the 1st Duke of Wellington. It's also known as Apsley House and is open to visitors keen to sneak a peek at one of the best-preserved examples of an 18th-century English aristocratic residence in town.

While we admit that the world around us is beautiful and surreal in its own ways, we can’t unsee the fact that every place is a dream for a dreamer. When hills are for people with high adrenaline and downtown rocky sandy plain areas for subtle grounded ones, which place does justice to people who dream of stars, lights, fun, peace, history, architecture, and picturesque views? The answer HAS to be London!

London is a place that’s made of dreams, where dreams come true and people live their long-lived fantasies. Now before you go on to book your tickets after reading just the description, hang on! This was not even the introduction. Check the following few tourist attractions of London that one must check to give their dreams a pinch of reality and a sense of fulfillment:

  1. Thames Cruise: starting off with a lively river experience- we’ve always learned that The Thames is the lifeblood of London which has been bringing industry to the city for centuries. It is England’s longest river, leading into the North Sea at its end. To give a perfect view of the city and stroll around history, many companies in London offer cruises across the Thames. The cruises run pretty often and can be seen operating from several key locations in an interval of 30 minutes and pass through iconic sites, including Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye. Some companies offer night cruises that get you awestruck with all the lights dancing around. A cruise ride is must for those who despise to visit every place in person and also for those beauty and nature appreciators.
  2. Trafalgar Square: Visitors are requested to pay a visit to the archaeological beauty that contains in Trafalgar Square. The monument is home to Nelson’s Column (a monument commemorating Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805), iconic stone lions, and the famous Fourth Plinth, which showcases commissions by contemporary artists. The National Gallery, on the square’s north side, has something for everyone who admires art and its various forms. The National Gallery showcases more than 2,000 Western European paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, including the works of da Vinci, Turner, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt. After an artistic tour, you need some time to consume all that in and for that, you can head to the top of the square and enjoy a breathtaking view of Whitehall and Big Ben. Be a part of many of the events that Trafalgar Square hosts, all around the year. Also witness the annual gift from the city of Oslo to London, a gigantic Christmas tree, as a token of gratitude for Britain's support during World War II. Modern art lovers can visit the Tate Modern on the Southbank. The monument is a piece of art itself, built right above the waterfront and is comprised of impressive art by Picasso, Klee, and Delauney. The gallery also holds temporary exhibits on each level of the building, making it look like pure heaven for art lovers.
  3. Hampstead Heath: Nature lovers…here’s your visual treat. One of the many largest parks in London is Hampstead Heath, spreading across a massive 790 acres. It’s placement on one of the highest points in London, makes it the most suitable place for gasping views of the city from Parliament Hill. The grassy fields, wooded areas, a number of large ponds with plenty of wildlife around and small woods to get lost is what makes Hampstead the best example of beautiful mother nature. Those who wish to dare the British weather by swimming in its pool, are more than welcome to show their strength and leave the garden with an unforgettable experience. And for history buffs, the Kenwood House, a historical stately home, has a wide collection of steward art that will take you deep in the formation of this park.
  4. Hyde Park: Possibly the most famous park in London, Hyde Park is one of the largest ones too. Having hosted a number of demonstrations and protests including protests by the Suffragettes, the park’s famous Speaker’s Corner still stays occupied by debates, protests, and performing artists every week. The park is homes various memorials but is best known for the two water bodies, the most famous being the Serpentine. This park allows you to go paddle-boating while appreciating nature and fresh air in the center of the city.
  5. BFI: The British Film Institute or as you say-The BFI-is a dream-come-true for all movie lovers. The BFI building is situated on the Southbank and shows films every day, ranging from mainstream blockbusters to reshowings of cult classics to one-off screenings of indie hits. For those who take their cinema seriously, there’s a library and shop for them to read more and get some copies of their favorite genre. The BFI has its own bar and a restaurant facing the river, giving a perfect ambience to gush over your favorite movies with a delicious meal and few drinks.
  6. Baker Street: the ever-famous Baker Street is a must visit in London for not just one but many reasons. To start with, this is the same street where the most infamous but everyone’s favorite detective Sherlock Holmes lived on. Near the Underground station, a museum has been dedicated to Sherlock Holmes for every lover to check out. Around the museum stands a museum of international fame-Madame Tussauds. This museum exhibits wax statues of internationally famous celebrities and allows admirers to have a close look and even pose with their favorite celebrity. Get a spectacular view of London city once you escape the crowds of Baker Street in the nearby Regent’s Park, or by climbing Primrose Hill.
  7. Chinatown: London’s Chinatown has its arms open for party lovers and shopaholics. With Soho on one side and Leicester Square on the other, Chinatown is most famous for its Chinese lanterns and eye-catching red arches. With Asian restaurants, supermarkets, and secret bars all around, Chinatown leaves no chance of exciting the travelers and ignite their curiosity in exploring the place. The lanes of Chinatown are full of vendors that every shopping lover would love to stop by and buy as many things as they can. The secret bars and pubs are always lit to welcome you and take you deep in fancy London dreams.
  8. Buckingham Palace: there’s always a chance to live your fantasy of a royal life and London’s Buckingham Palace is the one to give you that opportunity. Being one of the few working royal palaces remaining in the world today, and by that, we really mean a WORKING ROYAL PALACE, the Buckingham Palace has its doors open for the visitors to take in the heritage and history of royalty. Built way back in 1703, the palace still maintains its heritage in the most beautiful and elegant form with no torn out walls or faded exteriors, the palace remains intact and never fails to amuse the onlookers. While the Queen is on her annual visit to Balmoral (from 22nd July to 1st October), Buckingham Palace lets visitors see the 19 magnificent State Rooms, which conduct ceremonial occasions and official entertaining, furnished with the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection. You can also check the special exhibition- A Royal Welcome. Buckingham Palace’s garden, also known as the “walled oasis in the middle of London,” is as stunning as the building with over 350 different species of wildflowers.
  9. London Eye: you can’t leave without visiting the iconic London Eye. After having a close up look at London’s beauty, it’s time for an aerial look. The Eye, a giant Ferris wheel, offers gorgeous views of the city. The night view is one to hold your breath for- when the wheel is lit up in seasonal colors and the city lights dance to their own beats, it is a view that you can never forget in your entire life. Take your special one in one of the pods and enjoy the breathtaking view and ride.
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