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Post-Ticketing Service Fees

Applies To For Amount per Ticket
Agent Assisted Cancellation1 Cancellation requested within 24 hours of booking Per-passenger, per-ticket fees:
Domestic $50
International: $75
Business and First Class: $75
Cancellation & Refunds (after 24 hrs)
Air - Economy Air - Business/First
  Domestic International Domestic International
Agent Assisted Cancellation1 w/Future Credit $50 $50 $100 $100
Agent Assisted Cancellation2 w/Refund $100 $250 $250 $250
Changes to Existing Bookings (exchange)
Within 10 days of new travel date1 $50 $50 $100 $100
Beyond 10 days of new travel date2 $100 $250 $250 $250
Changes to Existing Bookings (exchange)
  Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Domestic International Domestic International
Agent Assisted Waivers $50 $50 $100 $100
Fees for agent assistance to seek refund or future airline credit for reasons listed below3
Death/Bereavement Duplicate Infant Medical  
Military Name Change Name Correction No Show  
Reinstate Routing Changes Ticket Validity UNMR  
Visa/Schengen Visa Issues  
(1) Our airline tickets are non-refundable unless we specify it otherwise. Refund option is available only if the travel supplier's policies and rules let you be eligible to seek a refund or if Travelslake accepts your refund request. This means, you are not a 'no show' case and if we can secure any kind of waivers from the supplier then only we process a cancellation or refund request only.
(2) All Airline Refunds/Future Credits are subject to the airline's fare rules, procedures & policies
Service fees displayed on the payment page will be in your local currency.
Passenger type = Adult, child, senior, infant, student, military.
Service fees charged on changes, refunds, cancellations & any future credits is charged on a per passenger, per ticket basis. 
Our transaction service fees aka booking fees, all post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable & subjected to change without any prior notice. Our fees is in addition to service charge or fees imposed by any airline and/or travel supplier.
Government imposed taxes and fees are subject to change. You will only be charged the final total amount displayed or quoted by our agent.
(3) Special Services - All Special Services are made on request ONLY and are subjected to airline's review & approval based on their fare rules, policies and procedures.
Name Misspelling- Passenger's name on the ticket doesn't match the details on the passport or any other universally accepted government ID
Visa/Passport Decline- Visa/Passport decline letter is normally required in order to process a request 
Baggage - please retain the baggage receipts & tags
No-Show - We will require documents that indicate why you were unable to make your scheduled departure
Denied Boarding - We will be requiring the documents to why you were denied boarding of your scheduled departure
Duplicate Tickets - Copies of all tickets, reflecting exact same itineraries booked with us will be required in order to process a refund request

Words From Our Clients

The prices were really cheap and every extra additional cost was mentioned in the same page. Totally impressed with the transparency.
I didn’t mind paying extra for extra comfort in the flight and got exactly the seat that I booked for myself.
The process was really smooth. Happy to see how dedicated and professional the staff was.
The people on the phone were extremely helpful and never showed a sign of frustration over my never-ending questions.