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Top Destination Montreal


When you plan a family trip with your young ones, you just can’t not think of Montreal, that’s how obviously beautiful and fun place it is. The second most populated city of Canada sure has some hidden gems for ever visitor to discover. Take a look at few of the places that are sure to force you to keep coming back and plan your itinerary accordingly:

  1. Notre-Dame Balisica: get a glimpse of Canada's religious heritage at Notre-Dame Basilica, one of the world's best examples of Gothic Revival architecture. The majestically giant church has hundreds of intricately carved wooden statues in a grand interior that has the capacity of holding up to 4,000 worshippers at once. Instead of depicting religious scenes, the stained glass windows narrate the history of Montreal and offer a glimpse into the city's development over the centuries. You can be a part of church’s regular musical events and get a chance to get more lucky by visiting the church at Christmas, when thousands attend the performance of Handel's "Messiah."
  2. Old Montreal: Wander through one of North America's oldest urban areas at Old Montreal. First established by French colonialists in the mid-17th century (after the defeat of the local Iroquois people), the neighborhood retains much of its old-world charm. Admire the facades of important religious buildings, grab a meal on the terrace of one of the district's many restaurants, or simply lose yourself in the web of cobbled streets. Stroll down to the waterfront to see views over the Saint Lawrence River.
  3. Biodome de Montreal: originally built as a host of 1976 Olympic Games, the Biodome de Montreal now features of the natural world of North and South America, including rainforests, subpolar islands, and the Atlantic oceanfront. Five different ecosystems within the biodome support thousands of plant and animal species, including reptiles, birds, mammals, and amphibians. Go through various sections of the Montreal with ease on a self-guided audio tour. If you’re with children, you can get special audio guides for children.
  4. Pointe-a-Calliere Museum: founded in 1992, Pointe-a-Calliere Museum is situated in the heart of Old Montreal. The museum exhibits relics and artifacts from almost every historical period and explore the archaeological crypt where you can see foundations of some of the city's oldest buildings. Take advantage of interactive displays to learn about key moments in the city's history, discover the world of 18th-century sailors.
  5. Mount Royal Park: Survey Quebec's largest city from a lofty vantage point at Mount Royal Park. The tallest peak of the city's iconic mountain park soars to 234 m (764 ft), making it the highest point in the city. Visit the monuments scattered throughout the expansive park, and stroll the tree-lined paths to feel yourself immersed in nature without having to leave the metropolis. When you reach the summit, scan for sweeping views over the city.
  6. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Immerse yourself in an encyclopedic collection of culture at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musee des Beaux-Arts), one of Canada’s most prominent art museums. Spread across four sprawling pavilions, the museum plays host to a diverse archive of international artists, Canadian and Quebec art, world cultures and decorative design expressed through a plethora of creative mediums. Founded in 1860, the collection has grown to over 41,000 works, ranging from antiquity to contemporary art and design. Take your time to explore the rich variety of works on display, and be sure not miss the impressive Tiffany stained glass windows, opened in 2011 as part of a 444-seat concert venue.
  7. La Ronde Amusement Park: Established in 1967, La Ronde Amusement Park serves as the largest amusement park in Quebec. Most activities are included in the admission price, except for the sling shot and go karts, which cost extra. The park boasts more than 40 rides, ranging from kid-friendly attractions to rollercoasters. Take in the views from the Ferris wheel, visit the haunted house, or test your driving skills on the bumper cars. The park is open seasonally.
  8. Crescent Street: In the heart of Quebec's largest city sits the lively Crescent Street, a bustling downtown area representing the soul of the city. Popular among locals and tourists, the street features a vast array of cosmopolitan restaurants, cafes, and trendy clothing stores. When the sun sets, the strip comes alive with bars, pubs, and clubs offering a range of options to suit your taste. Pop into the art galleries, which are known for exhibiting international works.

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