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Top Destination New York

New York

New York is your go-to option when you’re in mood for visiting a place which is larger than life, a place that engulfs huge population, various cultures, varieties of food, art, and entertainment, but still is humble as a newly-formed state and welcomes everyone who wishes to explore the closets of New York. The city never fails to amuse visitors with its ever-growing infrastructure and technology. No matter how many visits you pay to this city, you’ll always end up finding something new, every time. But to help you a little, here are a few places where you can visit in New York to make the most of your time and get hypnotized by the beauty and wonders of New York:

  1. Ellis Island Immigration Museum: to start your trip with a glimpse of history, Ellis Island Immigration Museum is the best place. Although there are many other places which are centuries old Ellis Island is the place which witnesses and plays an important role in the establishment of the United States of a new era, the portal through which millions of immigrants entered the country. The museum beautifully portrays the personal stories of those who came to America in search of a new beginning. Visitors are given a chance to walk in the footsteps of the nation’s newest citizens as they traveled through the baggage, registry, and hearing rooms — in some cases, leaving with new American names. Out of the 700,000 names inscribed on the Wall of Honor, if your ancestors were the one to make this journey, head straight to the American Family History Center which offers computerized genealogical records. To add more significance and history to the museum, an interactive American Flag of Faces was established, which exhibits living pictures of the immigrants, submitted by the individuals themselves or their families.
  2. American Museum of Natural History: looking for the history of not just a country but the whole planet or maybe the universe? Directly head to the American Museum of Natural History to get your fix for history. From Dinosaur fossils to theories of evolution to Planetarium space show and IMAX theater, American Museum has got it all. The capability of carrying and preserving history has undoubtedly made American Museum of Natural History the most famous and successful tourist attraction in the New York City. In its chest of treasures, the American Museum of Natural History accommodates more than 32 million specimens and cultural artifacts that are open to the visitors. To know the history of the universe that dates way back to 13-billion-years ago, do not miss a show in the Hayden Planetarium and explore the rest of the Rose Center for Earth and Space to learn more. After being a part of the movie Night at the Museum, American Museum has opened its doors for young enthusiastic fans eager to see the 94-foot (28.6 meters) blue whale, the fossilized skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex, and the gum-chewing Easter Island head.
  3. Times Square: Located in Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is the dream of every fame and limelight fan. Placed at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square is referred to as The Crossroads of the World. When you visit this place yourself, you won’t any longer blame movies for glorifying the place, the view of Times Square is something straight out of the movie-roads and buildings covered of bright lights and billboards. You’ll be extra lucky if you happen to b in New York on New Year’s Eve, when a million people swarm the square, waiting for hours just to get a glimpse of the famed ball drop. On daily basis, Times Square witnesses thousands of people who come in search of half-price Broadway show tickets, to watch, or just stand with their jaws dropped and admire the 37-foot-high (11.3 meters) NASDAQ sign- the largest LED sign in the world. To make the pedestal and Neon-gazing even safer, the entry of vehicular traffic in the heart of Times Square — Broadway, between 42nd and 47th streets — has been prohibited.
  4. Grand Central Terminal: carrying the legacy of more than a hundred years, Grand Central Terminal is one of the oldest architectures in New York that are still functional and in great condition. This was the only terminal which brought mass commute to America in the early 1900s. Even after a century later, the Grand Central Terminal continues to serve the New York commute via subways and buses. The architectural beauty of Grand Central Terminal is sure to leave you awestruck and praise the innovative minds from the city that never sleeps. To get a deeper look into the history of Grand Central Terminal and its role in Modern America, take a tour with a professional quality audio and grab the vivid knowledge about the history and secrets within. The pace of life and work in New York can be determined by the sight of men and women moving in every direction across the central lobby. To add a final touch to your historic tour at the historic place, visit Grand Central Terminal’s retail stores and dining concourse and get a truly unique experience in New York style.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge: America’s most famous bridge and New York’s greatest attraction, Brooklyn Bridge is connector of Manhattan to Brooklyn. Suspended over the East River, Brooklyn Bridge represents a national historic that dates back in 1964. You can enjoy a walk on the elevated pedestrian path with a remarkable skyline view, while feeling safe of any vehicles. The bridge caters to millions of visitors who come there to get a glimpse of the gleaming river beneath Manhattan skyscrapers. The most prominent features of the Brooklyn Bridge are its large towers, connecting the web of cables. Grab a spectacular view while walking on a magnificent piece of architect without even spending a penny.
  6. St. Patrick's Cathedral: St. Patrick’s Cathedral is well known to be one of New York’s most sacred and most treasured landmarks. This Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral is a very popular landmark and tourist destination in New York and holds mass 7 times a day, every day. If you’re in London, take a quality time out of your itinerary and visit St. Patrick’s mass for a unique experience that you’ve never had. Head to the gift shop for rosaries, books, and candles. While purchasing anything from the gift shop, don’t think you’re just taking a souvenir along, as your money goes to a good cause of the up keeping and maintenance of the church. A visit to St. Patrick’s is not just for the holy purpose, but also for appreciating New York City’s architectural masterpiece-beautifully crafted stained glass windows and religious sculptures-sure to make you feel proud of walking through the most impressive churches in Europe.
  7. 9/11 Memorial: who can forget the fateful day of 9/11? At least not in this lifetime. The heinous attacks sank a lot of hearts and to honor thousands of innocents who got killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001, and in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, 19/11 Memorial was established. The twin reflecting pools right in the footprints of the Twin Towers are each nearly an acre in size. Do not forget to wander around the 110,000-square feet of exhibition space in the museum. The memorial also holds some large artifacts that include the "Survivor's Stairs" which tell the story of what happened on that fateful day. Around the pools, the name of every person who died in attacks is inscribed in bronze. End this emotional trip on a positive note by visiting the "Survivor Tree," a Callery pear tree that was severely damaged at Ground Zero but was rehabilitated and now stands as a symbol of resilience, survival, and rebirth.
  8. Statue of Liberty: A trip to New York isn’t complete without visiting the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom, that stands intact in New York Harbor since 1886. The statue wasn’t actually made by Americans but was gifted by the people of France, designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and built by Gustave Eiffel. Once you reach the Liberty Island, a free tour of National Park Service will fill in the details about the copper-sheeted masterpiece. By paying an extra fee, you can upgrade to a Crown Ticket which lets you go into the statue itself. With Statue of Liberty’s torch ablaze more than 300 feet (91.5 meters) above the ground, it is only accessible via commercial ferries, which gives a perfect tourist touch to your trip, with lots of perfect vacation pictures for your memories and social feed.
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