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Tarom Airlines

Tarom, also known as Romanian Air Transport, is Romania's national flag carrier and largest airline. With its headquarters in Bucharest, Tarom has served passengers since 1954, establishing itself as a reliable and trusted airline. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Tarom operates a diverse fleet of modern aircraft, connecting passengers to numerous domestic and international destinations.


Tarom's extensive network covers important European cities, including major hubs such as London, Paris, Rome, and Istanbul. The airline offers a range of flight options to suit various travel needs, whether it's for business, leisure, or connecting flights. Tarom strives to provide punctual and reliable services, ensuring passengers reach their destinations on time.


Benefits of Choosing Tarom


One of the notable benefits of choosing Tarom is its commitment to safety. The airline adheres to strict safety standards and regulations, ensuring passengers can travel safely. Tarom's experienced pilots and dedicated crew members prioritize passenger safety and comfort throughout the journey.


1. Excellent Customer Service

Tarom prides itself on providing excellent customer service. From the moment passengers board, they are greeted by friendly and professional staff committed to delivering a pleasant travel experience. The cabin crew is attentive to passengers' needs, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout the flight.


2. Enhance Travel Experience

Tarom offers a range of amenities and services to enhance the travel experience. Passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary in-flight meals and beverages, and access to various entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and music. The airline also offers a duty-free shopping service, allowing passengers to browse and purchase products during their flight.


3. Loyalty Program

For frequent flyers, Tarom offers a loyalty program called Smart Miles. Members can earn miles for each flight and enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority check-in, access to airport lounges, extra baggage allowance, and discounted or free flights. Smart Miles provides additional value to loyal Tarom passengers, rewarding them for their continued support.


4.Sustainable Travel

Choosing Tarom also means supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable travel. As the national carrier, Tarom is crucial in connecting Romania with the rest of the world, fostering business opportunities, tourism, and cultural exchanges. By choosing Tarom, passengers contribute to the growth and development of the Romanian aviation industry.


In summary, the benefits of choosing Tarom include a strong emphasis on safety, excellent customer service, a diverse network of destinations, modern amenities, and a rewarding loyalty program. Tarom's commitment to passenger satisfaction and its role as the national flag carrier make it a preferred choice for travellers seeking reliable and comfortable air travel options within and beyond Romania.


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The prices were really cheap and every extra additional cost was mentioned in the same page. Totally impressed with the transparency.
I didn’t mind paying extra for extra comfort in the flight and got exactly the seat that I booked for myself.
The process was really smooth. Happy to see how dedicated and professional the staff was.
The people on the phone were extremely helpful and never showed a sign of frustration over my never-ending questions.