Red Eye Flights

Looking for a leisure flight while not wasting any time? TravelSlake presents Red Eye Flights which let you enjoy a comfortable air ride in lights that would take all the burden of a long day off your shoulders. The Red Eye Flights allow you to get on board during late hours and takes you to your destination in the early morning, which saves both, energy and a lot of time. Well suited for the business travelers, who prefer not wasting time on day flights, Red Eye Flights also gives the perks that you just can’t ignore.

* What are Red Eye Flights?

The flights that depart during late hours and arrives the destination in early hours are classified as Red Eye Flights. The term was coined in when the fatigued and sleep-deprived travelers had red eyes throughout their flights. While most of the airlines weren’t well-equipped for red-eye flights back in those days, but ever since travelers’ utmost convenience has been taken into consideration, Red Eye Flights have surely proved as a boon to the travelers, as well as the airlines.

Unlike the usual flights, red-eye flights have dim lights and an ambiance that’d help passengers drift off to sleep as soon as they’re comfortable in their seats. Red-eye flights fly to places that could be reached in generally less than 7-8 hours so that it fulfills its motive of reaching early in the morning and letting travelers explore their destination to the fullest.

*Why opt for Red Eye Flights?

While we may have a plethora of reasons to mention, here are the most subtle and befitting reasons as to why you should opt for red-eye flights more:

* Low cost: Red Eye Flights costs a bit lesser than the usual day flights and could give you more deals or discounts to ease into traveling in your comfort zone.

* Boon for business travelers: for business travelers, who sees every minute of their time as priceless, Red Eye Light is a boon for them, as it takes them to their destination early morning, giving travelers enough time to sleep and start the day off from the very beginning.

* More space in flight: Red Eye Flights tend to be emptier, which gives passengers onboard a lot of space when it comes to the seats next to them or the overhead cabins.

* Quick check-in: Since Red Eye Flights are pretty empty, there’s no hassle on the airport too, which means an easy and quick check-in and short boarding queues.

* Go easy on dressing the part: A late departure and early arrival take the pressure of dressing up off your shoulders. You can dress as comfortable as you can, even in your PJs, because all you’re going to do in the flight is sleep and relax.

So what are you waiting for? Book your red-eye flight from TravelSlake and experience the actual meaning of a comfortable air ride.

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The prices were really cheap and every extra additional cost was mentioned in the same page. Totally impressed with the transparency.
I didn’t mind paying extra for extra comfort in the flight and got exactly the seat that I booked for myself.
The process was really smooth. Happy to see how dedicated and professional the staff was.
The people on the phone were extremely helpful and never showed a sign of frustration over my never-ending questions.