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Ethiopian Airways, also known as Ethiopian Airlines, is Ethiopia's flag carrier airline and one of Africa's leading airlines. Established in 1945, Ethiopian Airways has grown to become a major international carrier, offering a wide range of destinations across the globe. 

Ethiopia's flag carrier airline is also one of the leading airlines in Africa. It was founded on December 21, 1945, and started its operations on April 8, 1946. Later, in 1951, the airline expanded to international flights. In 1965, it became a share company and changed its name from Ethiopian Air Lines to Ethiopian Airlines. It is also a member of Star Alliance, which it joined in December 2011.


Advantages of Ethiopian Airlines Booking


In-flight Amenities


Ethiopian Airlines offers various amenities to enhance the in-flight experience for its passengers. These amenities may vary depending on the aircraft type and the class of service. Generally, amenities available on Ethiopian Airlines flights include:

1. Entertainment: Personal seatback screens or overhead screens offer a selection of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more.

2. Dining: Complimentary meals and beverages are provided on long-haul flights. The specific meals offered depend on the route and duration of the flight.

3. Wi-Fi: Some Ethiopian Airlines aircraft offer Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers to access the internet during the flight. However, the availability and charges may vary.


Baggage Policy


Ethiopian Airlines' baggage policy also varies based on the route, class of service, and frequent flyer status. Passengers are generally allowed to bring a certain number of checked and carry-on bags, with specific weight and size restrictions. Excess baggage fees may apply if you exceed the permitted limits.


To get accurate and detailed information about baggage allowances for your specific flight, it's recommended to visit Ethiopian Airlines' official website or contact their customer service directly.


Web Check-in


Ethiopian Airlines provides a web check-in service, allowing passengers to check-in for their flights online through the airline's website. This convenient service saves time at the airport and enables passengers to select their seats in advance.


Words From Our Clients

The prices were really cheap and every extra additional cost was mentioned in the same page. Totally impressed with the transparency.
I didn’t mind paying extra for extra comfort in the flight and got exactly the seat that I booked for myself.
The process was really smooth. Happy to see how dedicated and professional the staff was.
The people on the phone were extremely helpful and never showed a sign of frustration over my never-ending questions.