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Top Destination San Francisco

San Francisco

A city with spectacular views, astonishing beauty, hills on one side and water on the other, an activity hub, and mesmerizing marine life can be summed up in one name — San Francisco! The city is full of life and welcome people from every walk of life. While you just can’t ignore the beauty of the city, there’s one more thing that attracts millions of visitors every year and that’s FOOD. Yes, San Francisco is worldwide known for its dining and is home to world famous chefs and restaurants. Have a look at few of the most famous points of San Francisco and book the flight before they’re gone.

  1. Ride the Cable Cars: call it holy or just compulsory, but a trip to San Francisco MUST includes a ride in its historic cable cars. The cable cars are operational on only three routes: the Powell-Hyde Line (which ends up at Ghiradelli Square), the Powell-Mason Line (which ends up at Fisherman's Wharf), and the California Street Line (which runs between the Financial District and Van Ness Avenue). To make you feel normal, you’ll see many other tourists and even locals on this iconic train, traveling from one part of the city to another. Riding these cable cars is the most famous part of a trip to San Francisco and to make it even better, you can hang off the sides of the cable car but beware!
  2. Alcatraz: Alcatraz, initially a prison to have some of the most infamous criminals of the country, has its land open for the visitors as an island to roam around and get as much Vitamin D as you want. To make your trip on Alcatraz Island more effective, enroll yourself for the Cellhouse Audio Tour, and imagine what used to happen here by listening to the actual voices of the correctional officers and inmates who lived here. While roaming around, take a look at the rarest of plants and flowers that were once maintained by inmates and have been surviving even after the prison closed in 1963.
  3. Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise: to get a better view of San Francisco, see it from the water. Ride on a Blue & Gold Fleet ship to get the best panoramic views of the Bay along with a one-hour narrated tour. It isn’t necessary to go by the one-hour long narrated option only because as an alternative, you get a much faster view on RocketBoat. A RocketBoat takes you on a 30-minute journey through Bay, giving you a major adrenaline rush and gasping views of San Francisco, all at once. If you’re thrilled about the RocketBoat, make sure you visit San Francisco from May to October.
  4. Golden Gate Bridge: The one to maintain its ancestral legacy is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which, ever since its establishment in 1937, has never failed to amuse onlookers. Because of its architecture and legacy, it has been named one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is the same 1.7-mile (2,737 meters) bridge that amuses visitors in cars, bike, or on foot. Click as many pictures as you want as this bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world.
  5. Fisherman's Wharf: being the historic center of the city’s fishing industry, Fisherman’s Wharf is a working neighborhood and commercial area. This place is a heaven for seafood lovers. You can spend an entire day at this Wharf by strolling down the area, eating food at nearby shops and restaurants, taking in the beauty of this place, and clicking too many pictures. Around yourself, you’ll also find famous things like Alcatraz Cruises, Blue & Gold Fleet cruises, and the Aquarium of the Bay. At last, do check out the USS Pampanito, a WWII submarine museum and memorial, and Ghirardelli Square.
  6. de Young Museum: The de Young Museum is one of San Francisco’s oldest architecture. Being established in 1895, the museum has managed to complete its century, while still keeping everyone amazed. In 2005 the museum reopened with new facilities and is the sixth-most-visited art museum in North America. Be prepared to get amused by a vast collection of American, international, and textile arts and more than 27,000 artworks from the parts of Americas, Africa, and Oceania. Gaze upon the largest group of Teotihuacan murals outside of Mexico or the collection of Indonesian carvings. A 144 ft. (44 m) observation tower allows visitors to see much of Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse. Natural materials like copper, stone, wood, and glass were used in the construction of this museum to help it blend into its natural surroundings.
  7. Union Square: here’s your time to enjoy luxury in San Francisco’s most elite part—Union Square. Since it is the most visited part of San Francisco, both by visitors and locals, you’re sure to find it crowded. But you won’t mind the crowd once you look at plenty of luxury boutiques, hotels, art galleries, restaurants, theatres, and a popular nightclub scene. Union Square is a small district in its own self which has something for everyone-Grant Avenue for designer brands, Maiden Lane is vaguely famous for spontaneous street performances, food, and wine events, and various restaurants with delicious aromas to flood your senses. When you think of taking a break from the busy life of Union Square, take a seat on one of the public benches and admire the place from a distance. Step up towards the Dewey Monument in the center of the Square, named after Spanish-American War hero, Admiral George Dewey.
  8. Grace Cathedral: when you think of a beautiful church, there’s always one church to admire the most- San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral church, popular for its De Rosen mosaics, labyrinths, and gorgeous stained-glass windows. Even though the city has an equal number of believers and non-believers, but this church is admired by everyone equally because of its architectural masterpiece of French Gothic design. You’ll find the religious labyrinths imprints all over the world but walking the labyrinths of Grace Cathedral is a unique, meditative experience unlike any other. The Grace Cathedral got the inspiration of French Gothic style by the classic design of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The right tower of the Cathedral has a carillon of 44 English bells. The architectural masterpieces of the church are— the colorful stained glass windows, the three church organs, medieval furnishings, and Gates of Paradise (the main doors of the Cathedral).
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